Quick Tips

Check on your email junk folder as it may be placed there by your email system.
You may also want to wait for few minutes - say 3 minutes and check again.
If nothing happens, please try again to register or send us an email specifying which username was used to register.
We will look into it and come back to you.

Check careful your username and password and whether your keyboard caps lock is not active.
If you made sure your username is correct, try using reset password feature and we will send you a new password.
Try to login using this new password and change the password once logged in. If all of the above steps fail, please check with your Group admin for the status of your account access.
You may then email us with your username and a brief description of results of the steps above.
We will look into it and come back to you.

If you are a member, please contact your admin and your admin may be able to check for you, your username.
If you a Group admin, please send us an email and will look into and it and come back to you.

Login to your profile and navigate to the administration section where you will find a feature to add an admin

Ask your Group admin to delete you from the Group, we will send you a confirmation email, confirming your account being deactivated from the Group.
Soon we will be releasing a feature where you will be able to delete yourself from the Group.