Introducing the ultimate automated financial accounting and reporting tool to increase productivity and collaboration

Digital finance application tool to easily manage your group membership and group financial matters.
Reports on contributions, savings, loans and other financial items for a group and each member.
Offers email and SMS notifications and accessed from Internet browser as a cloud solution.


Offers real time dashboard reports ensuring transparency and accountability. View statements ranging from statement of functional financial position includes all earnings, expenses to assets and income on loans interest.


Handles records, transactions, collections and reconcilliations. Processes settlements and accurate reporting on loans or lending and offers accounting system with real time financial records.


Gives intuitive registration of membership and record keeping. Notifies admin and members through email and SMS and certain events. Online loan applications and approvals.


Automates payments through mobile money and other banking payment methods. Ensures data protection, access control and records consistence. Built at a Telco grade secured cloud based solution.

What we do!

Embracing the power of ICT to build fintech solutions solving real challenges for ourselves and support people. Micropesa is for your financial matters with your group. Ensures transparency and brings accountability through automatic transactions handling.

What we offer!

Community saving and lending solution, bringing value to homogeneous groups (SACCOS, VSLA, Families and Friends) that collectively build financial wealthy through membership contributions and the use of financial investments plans.

Our mission is to provide creative solutions

Micropesa is for your financial matters with your group.
A group of any size that your have formed from SACCOS, VSLA, family or friends. This solution will handle all of your financial membership transactions, sends email or SMS notifications to your member, draw various reports, processes members lending application and can automate payments on mobile money and participating banks. This solution which ensures transparency and brings accountability, is of telco grade cloud based full monitored, supported and reachable customer assistance with intuitive features for homegeneous groups accounting system. system

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