What we do!

Embracing the power of ICT to build fintech solutions solving real challenges for ourselves and support people.
Micropesa ensures transparency and brings accountability through automatic transactions handling.
Micropesa is for your financial matters with your community.

Community saving and lending solution

A solution for homogeneous groups that collectively build financial wealthy through membership contributions and the use of financial investments plans.

People in groups

The solution is designed for community financial groups and community based organizations such as those of SACCOS (Saving And Credit Co-operative Society). Members usually have a very strategic agenda of building financial wealthy through collective savings and may as well provide credit or loans to its qualifying members. The system automate all transactions and provides automatic financial reports and membership history that provide strategy decisions to be easily made and prevent bad practices like over lending that usually degrade values of these communities. The solution also provides detailed financial accounting reports and analytics based reports.


We innovate, design, build and support technological solutions that have impact on people social fibre of their being. Micropesa is one of the solutions is targetted to help groups focusing on growth through funds contributions, investiments and planning. The solution offers them a professional account reporting, preventing most of causes that cripple these groups such as overlending and unaccounted records. We provide support and evolve the product to ensure new challenges are proactively resolved before impacting the progress of these groups.